• BON VOYAGE  Short Film
  • BON VOYAGE  Short Film


Short Film, 21 minutes. Turkey, Switzerland. Released 2016

with Jay Abdo, Stefan Gubser, Annelore Sarbach and Suhair Omran

    Jonas and Silvia are enjoying a  sailing holiday in the Mediterranean sea. While sailing through the night, they discover an overloaded refugee boat, close to sinking. They are shocked, but too afraid to help. So they call the coast guards but loose the boat out of sight. In the early morning they find themselves drifting through an ocean of dead bodies. The refugee boat has sunk. Jonas and Silvia manage to pull a few survivors out of the cold water: Syrians. This rescue marks the beginning of a dramatic conflict between the hopes and dreams of the refugees, and the fears and ideals of the holiday sailors.

    Written and directed by Marc Wilkins

    Cinematography A. Burak Turan

    Music by Balz Bachmann

    Produced by Joel Jent and Marc Wilkins with Dschoint Ventschr AG

    World Sales OUAT MEDIA


    Jury Prize for best short at the Palm Springs International Shortfilm Festival 2016. Jury Statement:  A superbly directed thriller that explores the current dilemma of the refugee crisis. The film challenges the audience at every turn, implicating the viewer asking them to think what would they do if faced with the same situation.

    Best Short Film 2017 by the Swiss Film Academy

    Best Narrative Short at the San Diego International Filmfestival

    Best Short Film at the Jozi Inter. Shortfilm Festival 2016, South Africa

    Audience and Jury Prize at Sarasota Filmfestival, USA

    Red Citation Humanitarian Award at 24fps Festival, Texas

    Best Narrative Short at Fargo Filmfestival 2017

    Best Narrative Short Bamberger Kurzfilmtage Germany

    Best Director Savannah Filmfestival USA