Marc Wilkins is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Switzerland, residing in Kyiv and Zurich.

He is directing movies, short film, music videos and commercials. Besides being shortlisted for the 89th Academy Awards for his short film BON VOYAGE, he won countless awards all over the globe.

Never at peace with authority, he quit school early and set off, knocking on the doors of the film industry. He taught himself the craft of filmmaking, shooting his first short film on his grandmothers super 8 camera and working in different positions in film crews all over Europe. In 2003 he was chosen as one of the worlds top young directors at the NEW DIRECTORS SHOWCASE in Cannes. In the same year, he won his first Golden Lion for a fundraising commercial for DOCTORS WITHOUT BOARDERS.

Marc calls his approach to filmmaking anti-intellectual, and his relation to life naïve with a purpose. 
Many of his films explore the current political climate and the state of humanism. 
 The rowdy appeal of his characters is never vulgar, rather they are sinfully humorous, bitter-sweet or downright dramatic. 
Thanks to his rigorous commitment to the camera and through an elegant use of postproduction, he often entertains himself and the viewer alike with a poetic touch of provocative surrealism that is his signature.

Marc’s current project, his debut feature film THE SAINT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, is currently touring the festivals around the globe.

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