As a Swiss-British citizen, Marc was born 1976 in Bern. At the age of five, he moved with his family to the Island of Crete, where he started to explore the art of storytelling early, by recording audio-plays with a dusty tape-recorder.
Moving to Germany in his teens, he discovered photography. From then on he preferred to spent his sunny afternoons in the dark photo-lab, developing black and white pictures.
1992, during a student exchange in New Zealand, he shot his first short film on Super 8. It premiered at a youth film festival in Germany.
Finishing school early, he taught himself the craft of filmmaking “on location”, working in different departments in more than 10 feature film projects all over Europe. Getting to know how each department of film production works, the goal was set: Directing movies..

In 1997 he founded KINOHERZ, a board of young directors aiming at creating short films. He produced the short film NASS and the award winning short LEROY CLEANS UP.
In 2003 he was chosen to be one of Saatchi’s 25 top ‘Young Directors’ in the world. In the same year he won his first Golden Lion in Cannes for a commercial for the NGO ‘Doctors without boarders’.

While directing over 200 commercials and music videos, Marc has shot in every corner of the world for major clients.
His New York based short film, HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA, had its world premiere at the Clermont-Ferrand festival, screened all around the globe and was awarded with jury- and audience-prizes.
Marc’s recent short film drama, BON VOYAGE, was shot in the Mediterranean Sea on a sailing yacht. It premiered at the Palm Springs International Filmfestival, where it won the jury award for best fictional short film. The short won 12 awards all around the world and was shortlisted for the 89th Academy Award.

Besides creating film, Marc is a passionate sailor. He crossed the Atlantic, explored the Greek Islands and regularly sails the East Coast of North America.
After living in New York for many years, Marc currently resides in Berlin, where he is developing his first full length feature film..